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Wei Siao Assistant Professor

  • E-mail:

  • Phone: (02) 3366-2529

  • Specialty:Plant Cell Biology; Vesicle trafficking; Root growth and tropisms

  • Education​​

Ph.D. University of Bonn, Germany 2016

M.S.   National Taiwan University, Taiwan 2012

B.S.    National Taiwan University, Taiwan 2007​


Job Opportunity

We are seeking motivated individuals who are passionate about science to join our team. Available positions include:


Master’s, PhD, and Postdoctoral Positions. Graduate students interested in studying plant vesicle trafficking, endocytosis and root tropisms are encouraged to apply. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion.


Undergraduate Opportunities. Undergraduate students interested in internships, special topics, summer research, or part-time research assistance are invited to reach out to discuss potential projects.

Recent research topics

  • Phospho-regulation of endocytosis and root behavior

  • Root hydrotropism, touch response, stress avoidance and communication

  • Plant ER-PM contact sites


When in need of food, water, or when environmental conditions become challenging, animals forage, hunt, or flee. However, plants, being fixed in place, have developed significant resilience and unique nutrient-searching behaviors. The Siao group studies the mechanisms that underlie this adaptability during root growth and development.


Plants adapt to their environment through high growth flexibility, capable of adjusting their development and physiological functions in response to environmental changes. They can also change their growth direction, develop new organs, or regenerate tissues. Much of this developmental flexibility is regulated by plant hormones. Our team explores how plant cells integrate environmental stimuli and endogenous signals through endomembrane system transport. Using a multidisciplinary approach that includes molecular biology, developmental and cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, and mathematical modeling, we focus on studying protein transport, cell polarity, endocytosis, and signaling mechanisms related to root behavior and tropism. Through these studies, we aim to gain deeper insights into the regulatory processes of plant development, demonstrating how environmental signals are integrated into plant signaling pathways, leading to changes in growth and development.

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  3. Kai-Chun Peng, Wei Siao, Hsu-Liang Hsieh. (2023) FAR-RED INSENSITIVE 219 and phytochrome B co-repress shade avoidance via modulating nuclear speckle formation. Plant Physiology 192(2): 1449-1465. DOI: 10.1093/plphys/kiad103

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  9. Wei Siao, Pengwei Wang, Boris Voigt, Patrick J. Hussey, Frantisek Baluska. (2016) Arabidopsis SYT1 Maintains Stability of Cortical ER Networks and VAP27-1-Enriched ER-PM Contact Sites. Journal of Experimental Botany 67 (21): 6161-6171. DOI: 10.1093/jxb/erw381

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Courses Taught

  • Plant Physiology

  • General Biology

  • Seminar

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