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中研院南部生物技術中心山田昌史實驗室徵才 (研究助理及博士後研究)

The post-doc position in Biotechnology Center in Southern Taiwan (Tainan) is available to study the function of Root Meristem Growth Factor 1 (RGF1) peptide in root developmental zones and the molecular mechanism of root developmental zones to adapt to abiotic stress. The successful candidates will be actively participating in one or several of the following projects.

1.Investigation of the regulation mechanism of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the specific root developmental zones by RGF1 peptide.

2.Elucidation of the regulation mechanism of ROS and alternatively spliced isoforms during root adaptation to abiotic stress.

A candidate with transcriptome, metabolome, proteomics, and biochemistry backgrounds is desired for this position. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential, as well as good English speaking, reading, and writing skills. Additionally, the position involves lab maintenance and administration and product ordering.

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Masashi Yamada Post-doc AD English and C
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Masashi Yamada research assistant
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台灣南部中央研究院生物技術中心(AS-BCST, AS) 劉明容博士實驗室 誠徵生物資訊人員

簡介: 該職位將利用大數據及相關資料探勘方法,研究面對環境逆境, 植物如何系統地調節體內反應, 增進其逆境耐受力。該研究將建立在 Li 和 Liu 2020 (PMID: 32973042) 以及Wu 2022 年和 2023 年 (PMID:34045707;doi: 之最近發表論文的基礎上;並將著重在多種植物物


各位老師您好 因為助理因故臨時離職,計畫也有博後缺,很需要各位老師推薦您優秀熱血的畢業生,願意來跟我做Mimulus 新模式植物的花對稱性基因的上游調控(與U Conn. 實驗室合作,徵才訊息如以下連結: 感謝各位花時間幫我傳給可能對此研究工作會有興趣的研究者


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