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Research Assistant Position at Michigan State University

Job Summary

The laboratory of Dr. Polly Hsu at Michigan State University has an opening for a Research Assistant to investigate molecular mechanisms of Arabidopsis gene expression and stress responses. The candidate will be involved in multiple projects using techniques in plant molecular biology. To learn more about the lab: https://sites.google.com/view/polly-hsu-lab

% breakdown of duties

• 70% research (perform and document project-specific experiments, e.g. generating/identifying/characterizing higher-order mutants and transgenic plants in Arabidopsis, molecular cloning, DNA/RNA/protein-extraction, PCR, qRT-PCR, protoplast isolation, luciferase assays, and basic imaging analysis such as operating dissection microscope and light microscope)

• 15% prepare lab reagents and safety officer

• 15% assist in lab organization (ordering, organize/update chemical inventory and lab materials, calibrating and providing regular maintenance for lab equipment, establishing lab common protocols and assisting in training future Lab members on basic procedures)

Desired qualifications for the position

• Attention to detail and thoroughness in record keeping

• Demonstrated organizational skills

• Experience with growing Arabidopsis on soil and sterile culture

• Experience with Arabidopsis crossing

• Experience in plant molecular biology and genetics: molecular cloning, identify and generate higher-order mutants, generate transgenic plants, DNA/RNA and protein extraction, protoplast isolation, perform gene expression analysis including qRT-PCR, luciferase assays etc.

• Experience with dissection microscope and light microscope

• Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a team environment

• Willingness to learn new laboratory techniques and procedures

Required application materials

Please send the following materials in a single PDF to polly.hsu.lab@gmail.com

• Cover letter: briefly summarize research experience, career goals, potential start date, and how you could contribute to the research in the Hsu Lab

• Resume/CV

• Names and contact information of three professional references

Please find the attachment below for more information.

Research Assistant Position of Dr
. Polly

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